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jose. we are seeing some wet conditions. how much rain fell? take a look at the totals. more than 2" of rainfall in morgan hill and palo alto. we had nearly 4 inches of rain in moraga, blackhawk had 3.5" of rainfall. oakland nearly 2. almost 2" of rain at the airport. and farthest to the north nearly 6" of rain for st. helena. what happens next? we are getting the break between round 2 and what's coming up next which is round 3. there will be scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow. but the heaviest rainfall is still to come and that's why all of the flood watches are in effect all the way through monday because round 3 is on the way and when it gets here, it likely will be the wettest of the three. even more rainfall than we had this morning. we'll time storm number 3 out for you and talk about when that sunshine and much drier when move in coming up in 10 minutes. well, lots of flooding today in the east bay. the water was about a foot and a half deep in this parking lot outside the raley's shopping
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center in pleasanton near sunol boulevard. the lot was passible only by suvs with large enough tires. it was just one of dozens of spots in the east bay where there is just too much water. cbs 5 reporter da lin is on grizzly peak with more. >> reporter: still moisture in the berkeley hills. the rain for the most part pretty much gone now but just the fog you can see the heavy fog rolling in here visibility is very low. let's show some video we shot earlier today in berkeley. a large treetopled over and fell on to a van. you can see right there the rooftop quite a bit of damage inside the van as well. there were people inside at the time. we believe they were driving this van when the tree came down on them. luckily, no one was hurt in this incident here. also, that pleasanton shopping center you can see the flooding right there in that parking lot. the heavy rain coming down at
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the same time in the middle of that. large pool of water. that's why it was causing that much water in the flooding situation there. they were able to take care of that situation. back here live now, up in the in the berkeley hills, still some showers and tiny bit of moisture but still low visibility on the hills. live in the berkeley hills, da lin. linda yee with the flood concerns at the russian river. >> reporter: there are those concerns, elizabeth. you see behind me the river does look calm now thank goodness for the temporary break. but everybody here knows what's flooding is like. they are bracing for that next storm to hit. the russian river is moving fast. another big storm on the way this weekend could bring water levels within a foot of flood stage by monday morning. people living by the river are
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nervously watching the waters rise. >> it's much higher than it usually is. the trees are coming down the river at a rapid pace. >> reporter: they are warning residents who live nearby like yourself to be prepared to move if you have to. >> yes. we could very well be told to do that. but we haven't yet. but we're all hoping for the best, i'm sure i came up today, boom. both eyes are wide open and the river is flowing like crazy. >> reporter: self-described river rat john nolan's house sits right on the river. the water is already on his lower deck. he figures every three to five years he goes through some sleepless nights. >> when i first moved here i was watching the river like you're seeing it now. i literally saw a house floating down the river. i'll probably sleep with an eye open tonight. >> reporter: there's a flood watch for small streams and tributaries all over the north bay. they could be the problem this weekend. water levels are rising fast here at the petaluma river
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basin. businesses and homes nearby have already sandbagged their properties. last night the water is about a foot under this drain pipe. by midday today that pipe is nearly under water. heavy rains overnight flooded roads all over sonoma county. by dawn, rohnert park expressway at stony point was under water. residence near tributaries, rivers and creeks and at the coast, that flood watch is extended until monday night. 6 p.m. that means be prepared to move if called to. reporting live at the russian river, linda yee, cbs 5. pg&e is working to restore power to thousands across the bay area tonight. the hardest-hit areas locally the north bay east bay and peninsula. in all more than 2700 people still without power. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us not just the power lines that are getting knocked down by the strong winds. >> reporter: this is not the way you want to start your friday. >> watch out for whatever you
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park under. >> reporter: san francisco police blocked off pine street between laguna and buchanan as the fire department got to work trimming that tree. and we're not talking holiday style. oversaturated ground gave way causing this tree to crash on a mercedes just east of san francisco's lower pacific heights neighborhood. an area neighbors say gets the brunt of bad luck during storms. >> what's the city going to do to make sure the rest of the trees don't fall down? >> reporter: nobody was hurt. one neighbor said i guess it goes to show, you can't park anywhere in the city. in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. parts of the south bay got a good drenching. more than 7" of rain falling in parts of the santa cruz mountains. cbs 5 joe vazquez in santa cruz county. joe, i have word the storm claimed a life? >> reporter: that's right. a man died from this storm here in santa cruz county. it happened in the sokel creek in capitola that's going to be
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just southeast of santa cruz. our sister station kion said the man drowned. here in the santa cruz mountains a steady rain continues. the folks here, they are used to this. maybe a little too used to. in fact, we saw some folks who may have risked their lives clearing a road. take a look. the san lorenzo river is rushing fast. in fact, carol says it appears to be rising more dramatically than in years. she says only a day and a half ago it was so dry here, you could walk across the bottom at this spot near downtown boulder creek. >> pretty outrageous and if it keeps raining it's probably going to go over the dam. >> reporter: as the heavy rain keeps falling in the santa cruz mountains so do many trees an eventually electrical wires. highway 9 was blocked in several places including this tangled mess in ben lomond for much of the morning. pg&e says they are in better shape these days to respond to such situations. that's because they now have
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these high-tech mobile command units. this one based in santa cruz. they are stocked with generators, laptops and satellite phones to communicate with other emergency responders. >> prepared to respond quickly and effectively to get people's power back up as soon as possible. >> reporter: but we found some folks who decided to take matters into their own hands. what happened? >> i don't know. a tree fell down. i arrived here and the road was blocked by a tree. >> what did you do? >> we chainsawed it up. the rest of us picked it up and through them aside. >> reporter: three men in traffic on highway 9 got out of cars with their own chainsaws and quickly got to work sawing await fallen tree. another guy used his wire cutters to help clear the road. it was a wire down. >> that was a guy wire. no electricity. it was safe. >> reporter: okay. well, i'm happy to report nobody got hurt there. anybody to got killed. but i circled back with the pg&e spokesman says no, no, no don't do that.
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maybe you think it's a guy wire, maybe it isn't. get back from wires. get back 25 to 30 feet. call 911 stay away from it as it is potentially very dangerous. reporting live from the santa cruz mountains, joe vazquez, cbs 5. we have more storm coverage coming up in just a few minutes including the timing of a third round of the storm system. we'll show you what happened when the lights went out on a bay area landmark. our high-def doppler radar is at your fingertips at anytime of the day or night to stay ahead of the storm. an upscale community dealing with a rare case of violence. the home invasion and homicide that has south bay police wondering if it was a random or targeted crime. get ready to be hit hard in the pocketbook. the reason you may not be able to escape a huge health insurance hike no matter which company you have. i was shaking and i called my husband and i said i think i'm having a heart attack. >> she didn't have a heart
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attack, just one of the two winning powerball tickets. the families who' lives have just been turned upside-down. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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turns into a homicide investigation. it happened early this morning.... in a gated, homn withey road in monte serenos 5 reporter anne makovec wite investigation and neighbor' complete a break in in an exclusive neighboring turned into a homicide investigation on withey road in monte sereno. anne makovec with the investigation and neighbors' complete disbelief. >> certainly not a place to expect that. >> reporter: on a windy road in the hills above highway 9 this upscale gated property became a murder scene last night. >> this is beyond shocking. >> reporter: police got a call from a woman who lives here on withey road in monte sereno saying someone broke into her home while she and her husband were sleeping ransacking the house and attacking the couple. when police got there at 1:45 a.m., the husband was dead. the woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife-
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threatening injuries. the investigation is just beginning. >> there's concern that, you know, the weather is going to, you know, change evidence. so we're working hard to collect any evidence that's there. if there is evidence outside the home. >> reporter: at this point, police don't know if this was a targeted attack or a random robbery that turned deadly. >> it wasn't oriented towards taking property or some issue they had with these folks individually. >> reporter: so far police haven't released suspect information. they haven't even said if there was one perpetrator or two nor what, if any, weapons were used in the crime. no arrests have been made. >> to have this happen this close to home in this type of community i'm taken aback. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, a vehicle spontoon highway 4 sending a toddler to the hospital this afternoon. it happened just east of the hillcrest avenue exit. witnesses say the toddler may have been ejected from the black jeep cherokee. in fairfax in marin county,
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investigators are trying to identify the body found in the ashes of a cabin fire early this morning. crews responded to the burning one story cabin on meadow way and cascade canyon about 1:30. they are still investigating the cause of the fire. and in san francisco, two families are homeless tonight after an early-morning fire. it happened on 35th avenue just after 5 a.m. firefighters worked through the heavy rain to put the flames out. no one was hurt. health insurance rates will likely skyrocket in the new year. in tonight's consumerwatch, what's behind the industrywide plans to charge you more. >> a missouri couple who were once both out of work will no longer have to worry about money. the legacy they plan to leave now that they are megamillion areas. >> cbs 5 hi-def doppler is zoomed down to pleasanton, livermore, san ramon, dublin, seeing some scattered showers moving through but nothing like what we saw this morning. but now the ground is saturated. can't hold anymore water. we'll talk about this next soaker moving in and when it's going to move out coming up. ,,
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ]
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] thousands of pg&e customerst also drivers. the lights were out on the bay bridge r part of the early morning commute. lights came back on power outages affected pg&e customers and drivers. the lights were out on the bay
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bridge for part of the early- morning commute. the lights came back on about 6:30. >> live look outside san jose right now. late this afternoon, crews scrambled at stanford stadium trying to get the field ready for tonight's pac-12 championship football game. >> a little sunshine there. cbs 5 reporter roberta gonzales there and i'm sure with what's on the line the players don't care if they are wet or dry tonight. huh, roberta? >> spot on, right there. a fine mist is falling, temperatures near 60 degrees. we anticipate showers throughout the football game. the wind died down. that's good news. but it has not deterred the spirit of anybody turning out to this football game. i walked around the lot outside here of the stanford stadium and people are tailgating at their finest. some of the best food i have
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seen in years. and they are actually embracing the weather skipping around the puddles and just enjoying the evening. now, we do have more scattered showers in the forecast. this is a winner-take-all game. stanford cardinal facing ucla bruins. the winner goes on to the rose bowl. reporting live outside foster field, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. sort of a weather-sports report there. this was the scene today at sierra tahoe ski resort. has more than a foot and a half of new snow. there are similar total squaw valley and northstar. the area around lake tahoe gets up to 7 feet of fresh snow by sunday depends on the elevation. >> the rain seems to be dying down a little bit. where's the storm now? >> the storm we're watching next is about 4 or 500 miles offshore. it's going to stay offshore for a while. this is a break. yes you'll have scattered showers. it's going to be breezy and mainly cloudy. that constitutes our break that we are going to have but here's
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a peek at what we have outside right now. mainly cloudy skies. this is a view from our san jose camera where you got anywhere from one to three inches of rain in the south bay. mild outside and mid-50s. san francisco 58. san jose 61. oakland 60. concord 57. cbs 5 hi-def doppler. we track that rain all morning long. lawrence had the forecast for you. now we're calming down. scattered showers out there. you can see specks of green san rafael mill valley over toward richmond lafayette walnut creek. but these are widely scattered and they will not induce any more flooding. orinda you had 2.5" of rainfall this morning. hayward nearly 2." livermore 1.5" and nearly 1.5" for redwood city. so very wet. the russian liver are come close to flood stage early on monday. there's a lag time for when that water really begins to
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pile up even though the heaviest rain is sunday. the russian river will crest at sunrise on monday. watching the satellite and radar is extremely active. we're ee in between storms. one is off to the east and another off to the west. all of northern california gets here, tomorrow night. about the same timing as last night after sunset but all day long on sunday it's going to be a soaker as it moves through. how much rainfall? it's color-coded. purple i 2" of rain. most of the bay area getting another 2" of rainfall with the north bay getting another 3 or more inches of rainfall that could be a problem because now the ground is saturated. so tomorrow scattered showers nothing too heavy. heavy rain tomorrow night. most of sunday looks wet. but we'll be much drier and we
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deserve a break next week. mid-60s tomorrow. it will be humid and we'll have scattered showers out there until that heavy rain returns on sunday. then next week, there will be a few showers on tuesday and wednesday. but nothing like what we went through this morning. and what we will go through tomorrow. so we'll have to watch things and see how the rivers and small streams play out. bottom line the ground -- the sponge is full. so the water has nowhere to go. it's on the weekend so no commute to deal with. saturday and sunday wet again. a couple from missouri became multimillionaires after winning the powerball lottery. cindy and mark hill of dearborn bought one of the two winning tickets for the $588 million powerball. today cindy described her reaction yesterday when she learned that the numbers
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matched. >> and i was thinking, is that the right numbers? is that the right numbers? i was shaking and i called my husband and i said, i think i'm having a heart attack. >> she was just fine. the hills will get a lump sum payment of $136 million after taxes. the couple plans to set up college funds for their relatives and also give to charity. the other winner is in arizona and has yet to come forward. coming up, double-digit rate hikes enough to make some sick it their stomachs. the reason more and more health insurance companies are jumping on the rate height bandwagon. >> an unusual weather system means a foot of rain in a few days. what's causing the relentless storms on the west coast? we'll look at that tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,
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he went to a toy-making facy in a philadelphia suburb to sell his pitch... and urge lawmakers to pass a tax cut extension for the middle cl. house speaker jo president obama went to a toy making factory in a philadelphia suburb to sell his pitch and urged lawmakers to
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pass a tax cut extension for the middle class. house speaker john boehner says the president's proposal would be a blow to the economy. if a compromise isn't reached soon automatic tax hikes and steep budget cuts will kick in january 1. and as budget talks continue little changed on wall street today. the dow closed with a 4 point game. the nasdaq lost 2. s&p 500 edged up less than a point. anthem blue cross was first. now several other health insurers jumping on board with their own proposed double-digit rate hikes. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says, critics say that the move is a preemptive strike to raise the rates before healthcare reform kicks in. >> a 25% increase. i felt like i had been kicked in the stomach. >> reporter: a healthcare provider herself, pediatrician jan feels helpless. her individual blue cross health insurance premium is going up nearly $300 a month. >> they could never get away
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with a 25% increase on a group plan but we're the little guys. we have no power. >> that's right. >> reporter: this consumer watchdog says insurance companies are reluctant to raise rates on big company group plans because of their political power. so individuals and small businesses take the hit year after year. and this year, many believe insurers are padding their pocketbooks with higher premiums because they won't be able to once the new federal healthcare law takes effect. >> if this 25% rate hike was to go into effect after the federal mandate to buy health insurance was in effect there would be congressional hearings overnight. >> reporter: so he says insurers are trying to get their rate hikes in under the radar while they are still unregulated. anthem is proposing a 17.5% rate hike white aetna proposes an increase of 19. kaiser wants to raise rates by 8% and united healthcare by 10. jan's insurer says, the rate adjustment is necessary to cover increasing medical costs but he disagrees. >> we're seeing health insurance rates going up 10
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times faster than the rate of medical inflation. >> reporter: now, the rate hike proposals on the insurance commissioner's desk but he can't do much to stop them legally. but legislation on the 2014 ballot could change that. and force insurers to retroactively refund these rate hikes if they are deemed excessive. >> he doesn't have the power because the state senate and the assembly right now as of the law is right now have to give him that power, have to -- >> reporter: right. it's gone through several times and it hasn't made it through the state legislature. this ballot measure would give the commissioner to say absolutely not. i veto this. >> got it. okay. 25% seems like a lot. thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,, , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's what we re working on we're working on for the 6:0 news. after a nearly decade-long battle: the u-s supreme court could soon step into e gay marriage debate. when it's expected to decide if l i'm dana king. after a decade of battles, the u.s. supreme court could soon step into the gay marriage debate. when it's expected to decide if it will review the case of prop 8. and when same-sex couples just might be able to get married. >> plus... >> they were putting on weight from the access to the foods, the free food and all of our cafes and microkitchens. >> it's called the google 15. like the sophomore 20? anyway, tonight how the tech giant is helping workers lose
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weight with the traffic light system. those stories and more tonight at 6. >> there's a freshman 15 and sophomore -- >> keep putting up weight both years. ends up 35. >> stay away from the food. >> i had a microkitchen, a really small apartment. >> google's is much better. >> couple of more inches of rain popping up. futurecast saying we have more heavy rain moving in but not until tomorrow night. we are going to be drier between now and then. >> see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, a mighty engine of our economy shut down by 70 strikers. how can a few dozen workers freeze 40% of our imports? john blackstone in california is on the waterfront. ghere's no stopping the heavy weather headed to the west coast. carter evans on where and when it will hit. if somebody else had to win powerball, it couldn't have

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